What to see in Caldarola
Land of art and castles, Caldarola amazes visitors with the fairy-tale flavor of its ancient castle with Guelph merlons, with its sophisticated urban layout that makes it a true jewel of 16th century architecture and urban planning, with its significant Roman and medieval vestiges that fill the fascinating natural landscape of the surrounding territory with history. Caldarola probably owes its name to the Latin word Calidarium, which indicates a room with a hot water tub.
The city, which reached its maximum splendor in the mid-16th century by the noble Pallotta family, preserves the urban layout desired by Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta in the 16th century and is dominated by a castle. The current town hall, once the residence of a cardinal, boasts the magnificent Room of Paradise, painted by Simone de Magistris.
In the surroundings of the town there are important remains of the ancient castles of Vestignano, Croce and Pievefavera, belonged to the monks of Casauria; in particular, the thirteenth-century castle of Croce and the Church of San Martino, annexed to the fortress of Vestignano, offer beautiful frescoes by Nobile da Lucca and Andrea and Simone de Magistris.
What to see around
The hamlet of Abbadia Fiastra links its name to the Abbey of Chiaravalle di Fiastra is one of the best preserved Cistercian abbeys in Italy. Here the Benedictine ideal of work and prayer, in addition to concretizing and visible through an architectural language of rare beauty, has been able to deeply mark history enriching the territory with useful and interesting examples. With the aim of protecting the environment, in 1984, the Abbadia di Fiastra Nature Reserve was born, which extends over an area of 1,800 hectares, an area rich in cultivated fields, vegetation and fauna, with two watercourses and a lake. Start your visit from here, in a place where you can spend quiet days in contact with nature.
A short distance away is the Castle of Rancia which dates back to the 12th century with functions of barn and Cistercian farm for the monks of the nearby abbey, and later transformed into a military fortress by the Da Varano, lords of Camerino: a charming place and hosts the archaeological museum. Nearby, in the municipality of Urbisaglia, archaeology enthusiasts can visit the Archaeological Park of Urbs Salvia, a fundamental testimony of the Roman era in the region, including the imposing Roman amphitheater where during the summer ancient theater performances are held.
A few kilometers from the main stage of the Abbey of Fiastra is Montappone, a small medieval village, recognized worldwide for the production of hats.
Continuation to Tolentino, rich in works of art and monuments of a city of great value. First of all, the Basilica of San Nicola which contains the Cappellone di San Nicola, which is entirely covered by picturesque decorations dating back to the beginning of the 14th century. A 15-minute drive from Tolentino is the city of Macerata, capital of the homonymous province and home to one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1290.
Continuing inland along the provincial road you meet Caldarola with the famous Castle of the Pallotta family. A few kilometers away you can meet vast expanses of vineyards where the famous Vernaccia di Serrapetrona grows and is produced, a sparkling wine in the dry and sweet typology for pairing with dessert.
Towards the Sibillini we meet San Ginesio, orange flag and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The historic center preserves the medieval city walls projected upwards, equipped with towers, bastions and castle gates. Continuing in the heart of the Marche and in the countryside of the Sibillini National Park you meet Sarnano, an ancient medieval village also Orange Flag and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy to live a truly complete holiday of relaxation and well-being.
To be noted in this itinerary the visit to the cities of San Severino Marche, Camerino and Treia.
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